An Amazing Journey Begain….

I’ve been wanting to share this for a while and I now believe I can.   I made this last year for a DT project and spent  A LOT  of time creating it.  The front only got published so I would like to show you the whole project.

This project started as just plain kcraft card ( I lOVE THIS STUFF) it can take you to many cool places.   I wanted to create a special layout, keep sake of my first ever overseas trip with an amazing friend.  We traveled to Australia to take Tim Holtz Educators Course.

Most of you know I LOVE my inks and stamps.  I had so much fun making layers after layers to create my layout…  Here it is.


This was not patterned paper, I have created this with ink, stamps and masks. Added embellishments to complement the layout (FWAB)


Dreams really do come true, and totally a once in a life time journey.


Loved this cluster of embellishments which lead to thinking that there might be a hidden journalling component.


Oh look at that…..  there is!


This says……


“What an amazing adventure we had.  This truly was a once in a life time journey which I will always treasure.  We arrived in Sydney after a long day of travel.  Unpacked our gear and went out to explore Coo-gee Bay.  We found The Black Pony which had the most amazing food.    Our first day was spent at Paddy’s Market and then off to the convention centre to see what was on offer and try to catch a Tim Holtz demo.  We meet the lovely Stamp it crew who were hosting Tim Holtz.  What an awesome group of people, so friendly.  Tim arrived and we got to watch Tim demo the distress markers (which I just had to have) After the demo we meet Tim and Mario, Tim signed my journal and I got to have a photo 🙂 What an awesome way to end the day.  He he back to the hotel and off to The Black Pony again, just to yummy not to!  through out our visit we got to see some amazing sights, took 100’s of photos to scrap and journal.  The next day was the reason we came, a full on day of teaching from Tim Holtz.  It was a once in a life time experience that I will never forget.  I learnt so much about the products, how to apply them and his style of teaching was incredible.  our last day was spent having a relaxed morning and then off to do some sight-seeing…  Sydney is really a beautiful city and so HUGE.  Early night and get ready to come home…


Some more journalling and photos


more hidden photos


I could not stop smiling.


an AMAZING day which really has given me the driving power to take what I love further….  watch this space 🙂


full spread.


This layout sits with pride in my craft room.  It is full of yummy scrummy ink, stamps, metal and flourish with a bling.

If you ever get the chance to take one of Tim’s classes….  DO IT!

Well I hope you enjoyed my share today.  Tomorrow I will be back with my last project for Flourish with a Bling.  Hard to believe that its been a year since I joined this amazing company.  Till tomorrow, happy scrappin  xox Donna


My Mojo has found me again….. yay!

Hello all.   After having a week or so off with a house full of bugs and then getting sick myself I have found my mojo again.   The other day I did a bit of surfing on the net, as we all do and was totally inspired by the new range of stamps and masks Wendi Vecchi  has released. Check her out here at studio 490.   I love her style and had to have a play.  I don’t own any of the products that she used so I  compromised   and love the end result.

I had fun playing with my inks and WOW Embossing Powder to Make the designs stand out.

Here I had a play round with lots of inks, stamps and layered them up.  I then embossed the top and bottom with some great fine detail embossing powder from WOW,  I used  Primary Ebony.  This card makes me smile.

For this card I played around again with inks and stamps for the background.  Added some swirls to top and bottom with WoW embossing powder, Pepper.  I  love dress forms and had to add her,  Here I have again embossed with Primary Ebony.  Coloured the dress form and wings with Tim Holtz Distress markers ( which are AWESOME) and to finish her off I added some Yummy Flourish with a Bling, Pearls, Chocolate.

My last card that I am sharing tonight is made of a scrap bit of paper that I was using to stamp on to get secondary prints for some back-grounding I was doing.  I added some ink and then a mask.   Tissue paper and then stamped and embossed with Primary Ebony to give it a frame and to make the saying pop.  Well that’s All I have for tonight.  I will be back tomorrow to share some layouts that I have just finished, so be sure to come back and say hello.    Happy Scrappin everyone.  xox Donna 🙂


Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge!!!

Anne Writes…   “I realize that for the southern girls, this is not springtime – but  in the Northern Hemisphere – 1 May is springtime, and time to be out in the gardens.  Scrap something about your garden – how you love to be out in it, or what it means to you, or alternatively how you hate to be outside gardening at all.  If you are not a gardener –  you could also alternatively scrap about an outdoor sanctuary that you appreciate – perhaps your mother’s garden or a park????”
Well we are about to go into our winter,  its freezing here at the moment.
I have been waiting for a garden for 6 years,  my other half has plans out the back for an AWESOME garden,  but so far it is still a big dirt pile with weeds growing on it.  I decided one day after sitting out the front, that he NEVER said anything about the front of the house.  So that day I pulled up all the bricks that was used for a path that we never use and replaced it with a garden.  You should have seen his face when he got home from work that night…  I love my little garden and if he does not get his a into g soon he might just come home to another surprise one day.   Heres what I did:
my first crop of winter veggies picked. and oh no I have just realised I have spelt that wrong!!!!  guttered.  but you all know what I mean. Veggies. 
Ok,  that’s really bugging me now,  so when I get back from class tonight I will be fixing my spelling. Well that  is all I have to share for now. hope you all come along and join us .  Happy Scrappin everyone!

A love for G45

Have I told you lately how much I love G45!!!   Well I do!  I have been playing around with the new paper ranges released this past CHA,  and I can not decide which one is my fav.  Today I finished this wee project off.  I wanted to make Ruby some thing special and this paper range is SO SO SO Ruby. 

Can you see why I have fallen for this paper range!  Little Darlings and it’s just like my wee Ruby.   Well just wanted to share this project.  I love how it turned out.  Thanks for looking and Happy Scrappin  xox Donna

Paper Clay Leaves Tutorial

  It’s amazing how some things bring you back to your childhood.  I have been playing around with CREATIVE PAPERCLAY and memories flood back of my childhood playing with play dough or watching my kiddies making cookies with play dough and cookie cutters which brings me back to what I have been doing.

Early last month Scrapbook Paradise hosted a cake decorating class and I went along to cover the shop floor while Elena was creating with the cake ladies.  I must admit that I was takin by it all and was wondering how I could incorporate it into paper crafting.  It hit me about an hour later!  PAPERCLAY!!!  I could do everything they had been doing with paper clay…   EXCITING,  so with my hands full of cake decorating goodies I came home and played,  oh the fun I had.  My fav would have to be making my own leaves to go on my projects.

Here’s how I did it!

To make these leaves you will need non stick craft mat, or baking paper, craft rolling pin, or  your child’s rolling pin from their play dough set, CREATIVE PAPERCLAY, and leaf cutters or a knife to cut shapes.  (just a note if you are going to use a knife, please use baking paper instead of your non stick craft mat!) 

Roll Paperclay out on your craft mat.  I have also used baking paper under my rolling-pin as my pin was getting a bit sticky.  Roll out thinly, approx 1ml.  The thickness really depends on the project you are doing.  I wanted these to be thin.

 Once rolled, press your leaf cutter into your Paperclay and make as many as you like.  A little Paperclay does a long way.  My leaf cutters have an embossed flat surface so I was able to get veins on my leaves.  If you would like veins you could use a fine nib stylist.

 After you have cut your leafs out   start shaping them to the desired dimension.  I have used an old knitting needle to achieve this.

Paperclay is an air dry product.  Leave them in a warm space and let dry. Drying time depends on the thickness of your project, normally 1 – 3 days.  If you are inpatient like me you could place them on a bit of scrap card and pop on top of your OIL HEATER,  and it takes approx 30 mins again depending on the thickness.  Once your project is dry you can colour with paint or ink.  

To colour my leaves I have chosen to use Distress Ink Refillers,  these are highly concentrated and you only need a little.

I use a craft mat to mix my inks.  you can use full strength or water it down with  water.  You can paint with re-inkers like water paint.  Fun 🙂

Let this dry and then use your distress ink pads to shade your leaves, you can also spray with water to blend.

If you have added more water you need to let it dry, you could use a heat gun to dry if the clay has not become wet.  To seal my leaves I have used MicroGlaze,  it is the only product that you can use with distress inks  as it is not water based.

Rub the MicroGlaze  into your leaves with your finger and your finished.  All you have to do now is add them to your projects.  I love making a batch up at a time and have them ready to go!  I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any questions please feel free to leave it in the comments.  Happy Scrappin everyone  xox Donna