Child Layout and Page Pocket Project

Good Morning all.  Well I have totally neglected this blog for a while but I am going to be a good girl from now on.  Here is a couple of projects I have done for Memory Maze Chipboard.  If you would like to she close-ups and how I created them pop on over ,  just click the link HERE and it will telly port you there 🙂  Please feel free to comment,  I always love to hear what you think.

My Sweet Ruby


 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Christmas pocket page layouts

I am new to pocket pages and are finding my way around them,   I love the idea behind them to share all the photos I take threw out the year.  As you could imagine I take a lot of photos and for many years they just sit in big piles.  So my mission this past year has been to scrap them.  It’s a completely different style to what I am used to but I am sure I will find my feet.

Christmas 2013

Second Page

Page Three

Page Four

Well I hope you enjoyed my share today and I have inspired you to get your crafty products out and have some fun.  Happy Scrappin every one xox Donna


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