Yum Yum…… Mud Cake

 Project designed  using Flourish with a Bling

Do  you remember when you were younger and the most simple things amused you for hours. Well wee Ruby found some  old containers that had been used in the sand pit and headed to the compost heap.    She spent hours there.  Making, baking, making a right yummy mess!  I asked her what she was up to, “are you making mud pies roo” “No! It’s your cake mumma”   Oh how sweet.   It even had leaf icing 🙂

I really do love these photos and have had them sitting to the side for a while.  What I ended up making was completely not what I had in mind but I think what I have created is perfect for this lot of photos…


This is the first double page I  have done in a while,  It started as two bits of kcraft and to off white card stock, stitched together.


I had fun with masks and multi medium, masks, ink and so much more.


I have added lots of layers and textures to this layout and I wanted the muddy colour as that was what she was doing.    You can see the swirl of a FWAB (Flourish with A Bling) and some of their Yummy vines.


Do you like my flowers? I made these and then coloured to suit.  I have to make more now 🙂


There is more FWAB, this time you can see a row of flags, vine and some spirals again.


I REALLY LOVE this photo of Ruby!  What do you think of her curls….


I got my distress stains out here and did a bit of splattering, and then played a bit with distress paint and a mask…

Not as detailed as ink but still cool.


Can you see the greenish  bits…  (tutorial to come, I think I have discovered something) maybe!  its fun but it takes time .


Another flower I made and more FWAB.   I had so much fun with just pulling things from my stash and playing.

 I had a lot of packets of bits left from other projects which I had used FWAB and they were perfect for adding that something a little extra.

For this layout I used FWAB

FWAB Nicky's Beach Huts  Nicky’s Beach Huts

FWAB Taylah’s Toadstools  Taylah’s Toadstools

FWAB Jack Vine Black   Jack Vine

FWAB Bella Rhinestone Flourishes Black  Bella RhinestoneFlourishes

FWAB Grace Pearl Flourish Pewter  Grace Pearl Flourish

You can not see these as a whole on my project,  I have used left over bits I have saved, Perfect for the job.

Happy Scrappin Everyone xox Donna


2 thoughts on “Yum Yum…… Mud Cake

  1. Yes, that cake looks “yummy” love how you have pulled that all into your layout and made it represent the page! Awesome double page layout!

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