CRaZy LiFE….

Well its been super busy here at my place, how you all going.  So glad that school has gone back and slowly getting into a routine again.   I’ve been stuck!  Have not been able to go anywhere even thou the panel beaters gave me a car (tiny) to use.  But there is NO WAY in the world that you can fit us all into a wee two door.  So hopefully my car will be all fixed very soon.   Look what I did….

It does not look that bad, but everything under the panels is totally buckled!  My Boot has a huge warp in it. But the main thing is that its fixable, no one was hurt and HOPEFULLY I will get it back this week.    I’ve been having lots of fun at my craft table lately and Have got a very quick share of a sneak for Art Journal and some exciting news to share soon. (But not today)

So for all my lovely Art Journal Ladies here is a sneak of whats happening tomorrow night.

We are going to be have some fun making our own embellishments  and playing with The New Distress Metallic Stains.    You Need to just bring your basic Art Journal kit,   your craft mat, inks, stains, glue and a heat gun if you have it.  Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night and please don’t forget to give Elena a call at Scrapbook Paradise to confirm your seat.  Until then, take care and Happy Scrappin  xox Donna




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