On a chilly September Day….

Today has been so strange, from lovely bright blue skies, sun shinning to dark grey sky, hail and snow.  What better way to spend it by the roaring fire  and when the kids where  keeping themselves happy, sneaking into the craft room for a bit of a play.

Now you all know me to be a bit of an inker, distress and Tim addict.  What would you say if I did not one, but two layouts today using NONE of my favorite  toys…  well I did.  I was up at work for our monthly Scrap-Saturday and I spotted on the shelves some new Teresa Collins Papers and designer tape!  The color was perfect for the photos I had just taken of wee Ruby, who has just turned 3!!!!  where have the years gone!

Now don’t laugh, I think I have done well ….  reason I did it!  I have 1000’s of photos of my kids that I want to scrap and if I do them all like I normally do I will be dead before even getting half way through.  So I thought if I did some simple layouts that will actually fit into their albums I might get close, so here goes…..    

I had fun making these and they did not take very long.    Some close-ups

She is such a wee cheeky thing and so cute.

Here you can see I have used some YUMMY pearls from Flourish with a bling and guess what you Dunedin/New Zealand friends, we now carry flourish with a bling up at Scrapbook Paradise

I used pearls here to circle the 3, and used the designer tape as an embellishments.

For the next layout I did Ruby helped me, she had lost interest in the hail out the window and sat on my knee.  These were the photos that did not make the cut and I decided instead of adding them to my pile just use them, so I did.  I had them laid out how I liked them and then wee roo had other ideas, so we compromised by her actually letting me move them just slightly so we could see her in all of them.

There was not much space left so we just added a wee bit of a title and a few words to give meaning to the layout.  Ruby found my flourish with a bling stash and was quite taken by the bright colors of the cloud and sun… so we used them.

Some close-ups

Isn’t it cute,  Ruby’s favorite part,  she’s been carrying this layout all day.

These are the flourish with a bling that I used

FWAB Up in the Sky        FWAB Adhesive Pearls 100 Pack Teal       FWAB Adhesive Rhinestones 100 Pack Silver     FWAB Adhesive Pearls 100 Pack Pearl

FWAB Up in the sky

FWAB Adhesive Pearls 100 Pack, Teal

FWAB Adhesive Rhinestones 100 Pack, Silver

FWAB Adhesive Pearls 100 Pack, Pearl

You can find these and many more here.  I am also very happy to share that Scrapbook  Paradise, Dunedin is now stocking flourish with a Bling.  VERY EXCITING, so come along and pick some YUMMY bling up.

Thanks for stopping by, and look forward to my next share.  Happy Scrappin everyone xox Donna


One thought on “On a chilly September Day….

  1. Awww Donna, how sweet that Ruby loves her layout so much she has been carrying it around with her – she has great taste with wanting you to use the FWAB Up in the Sky set ;D Fun pics and 2 lovely layouts…I know what you mean with having way too many photos to scrap…..ahhhh I’ll never get them done either! XX

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