Lets add a bit of bling to our lives!

Well Its been a super busy month and it seems like I have not touched base in a while.  Tonight I am going to share two projects I have done lately.  The first project I made was for Debbies 16th birthday, I filled it up will lots of bling and other girly stuff for her.  This started out as a flax looking old box.  I added  a layer of gesso, then some papers, not happy with the effect I was trying for I added a layer of crackle paint, followed by paint.  Once it was dried I added inks and then sealed it. I then had lots of fun adding embellishments. I really do love the FLOURISH WITH A BLING,  Chloe Pearl Flourish, Antique Gold.  I actually cut them up to fit my project,  but not wanting to waste any of the stunning bling I found the perfect place for them on the side  🙂

FWAB Chloe Pearl Flourish Antique Gold

You can see the effect of the crackle paint here and how I blended in some inks.

This is where I found the perfect place for the bits of bling I did not need on the top.  I have cut them again so the box opens nicely

I love how with all the layers and inks it has given it that really old vintage distress look, and I hope Debbie will treasure it.

Now this next project is a little different for me,  I’m trying to play round with bright colors,  and hopefully soon I will be happy with what I do.  I do really like this layout,  The color to me shows the kids bubbly, cheeky cuddly nature.  For this layout I have added FLOURISH WITH A BLING  Grace Pearl Flourish Pink

FWAB Grace Pearl Flourish Pink

Again I have cut them up to use in different parts of my layout.  This pink is such a pretty color and I can see I am going to be using some on Ruby’s baby photos

I hope you have enjoy my little share tonight.  I would love to hear what you think, so please do leave a comment.   If you have not heard of Flourish with a bling before, it’s the best bling about!!!!!  here is a link to their blog, and we have monthly challenges so go take a look.   Happy scrappin everyone  🙂  xox Donna

2 thoughts on “Lets add a bit of bling to our lives!

  1. LOVE the color contrasts on that box!!! The gold bling perfects and pulls in all the colors, now THAT is a good embellishment!!!

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