June Challenge at New Zealand Paper Chase…. only a few days left, so hurry :-)

I have stolen this from Sonya to spread the challenge.  so get your scrappin on and join us in our June challenge!  Go now, as I can not wait to see what you come up with!

Inspiration is all around us, so I thought for June we would have a little bit of fun and use a photo as inspiration for our challenge.

There are no rules, just tell us what part of this photo inspired your LO.( I borrowed this from someones facebook page)


My inspiration come from the layers of buildings, I chose to use several photos overlapping to re-create the buildings,and I placed my embellishments where the boats sit.I pretty much used the photo as a sketch!  I was inspired also by the colour combo.


Have fun with this!

Please email a photo of your completed page to me at duntroongarage@xtra.co.nz.Or place your page onto your facebook page, or your blog and email, or PM me via facebook with a link to your entry. Thanks!

Your entry needs to be in by Mid-night on the 30th of June 2012


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