Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge!!!

Anne Writes…   “I realize that for the southern girls, this is not springtime – but  in the Northern Hemisphere – 1 May is springtime, and time to be out in the gardens.  Scrap something about your garden – how you love to be out in it, or what it means to you, or alternatively how you hate to be outside gardening at all.  If you are not a gardener –  you could also alternatively scrap about an outdoor sanctuary that you appreciate – perhaps your mother’s garden or a park????”
Well we are about to go into our winter,  its freezing here at the moment.
I have been waiting for a garden for 6 years,  my other half has plans out the back for an AWESOME garden,  but so far it is still a big dirt pile with weeds growing on it.  I decided one day after sitting out the front, that he NEVER said anything about the front of the house.  So that day I pulled up all the bricks that was used for a path that we never use and replaced it with a garden.  You should have seen his face when he got home from work that night…  I love my little garden and if he does not get his a into g soon he might just come home to another surprise one day.   Heres what I did:
my first crop of winter veggies picked. and oh no I have just realised I have spelt that wrong!!!!  guttered.  but you all know what I mean. Veggies. 
Ok,  that’s really bugging me now,  so when I get back from class tonight I will be fixing my spelling. Well that  is all I have to share for now. hope you all come along and join us .  Happy Scrappin everyone!

2 thoughts on “Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge!!!

  1. Dude! Great page! Love it! And I thought I was the only one missing my spell check on layouts! I got a chuckle, thanks! I can’t wait to start my garden, it has to stop snowing here on and off before we can do that!

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