New Challenge up at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge

I hope you are enjoying the new layout of the blog,  Anne has done an amazing job!!!

This months Challenge is:

From The blog…”Time for the 1st April 2012 scrapbooking challenge! April Fool’s day – I hope you didn’t get suckered!! But if you did, I hope you took photos, because this scrapbook challenge we are challenging you to follow the prompt below:

This is April Fool’s day – scrap about a trick or prank that was either pulled on you, a friend, or that you pulled on someone else!!  If you have difficulty with this, you could alternatively scrap about a surprise you experienced or that you prepared for someone else (surprise birthday party??)
Well I choose to do surprise as I don’t have any photos of pranks,  well not ones that I can put on my blog.  I have an awesome one of Charlie at his 50th birthday but I don’t think he would EVER talk to me again,  which would not be a good thing.  So instead I have gone with a surprise and it was a goodies.  There is so much more to thins story.  Like me sitting up at the shop the day it was picked up and me telling my friend how cheeky I had been to try to get vouchers,  well it backed fired on me a bit!  But in an awesome Way!
I love to distress as you will all know by now.  Here I have used a technique that I learnt a few years ago when we went on a scrapbooking retreat!   Rip or cut your edges,  add a bit of water along the edge and when it’s soaked in start to roll it with your finger tips,  you can let it air dry or you can speed it up a bit by using a heat gun.  I must dig out that layout nd show,  it was very cool!.
Right for those who don’t have super powder eyes, it says…

You know when your partner asks you what you want for Christmas, You go ( well I do) The most expensive or sort after object you could wish for! Knowing full well that it will never happen. He would have to use his own imagination and think of something up for himself.

Charlie for months kept asking me “what would you like for Christmas” and I would always reply “a cricut”. Just new to the market and way out of our price range! Perfect for putting him in the right direction of Scrapbook Paradise and gift vouchers! Hehehe.

On Christmas morning I jumped out of bed like a little child, had a quick look under the tree and popped back into bed! Charlie ask what was I doing, my reply “oh just looking under the tree for my cricut! “no such luck” and went back to sleep as the kids were all still sleeping.

Finally we all woke up, very excited kids in toe we went into the lounge to see what Santa had brought! The kids were having a ball opening there new goodies. Charlie asked if I would like a cuppa! “sure” Two minutes later he came in carrying a box! I was jumping up and down with tears rolling down my face as I knew what it was even wrapped!   

Well that’s my share for today,  hope you have enjoyed my wee story..  I have up graded since  this  cricut and I treated it like my baby!  They are so much fun.

Looking forward to seeing what you all get up to this time round!  Happy Scrappin everyone  xox Donna


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