A card for my “Baby”

Hello,  two posts in one day 🙂  There is a reason,  Its my baby girls 19th Birthday today……   19  I know,  where has the years gone! My mission today was to make her a birthday card in between class trips to parks and swimming pool and my two ratbags (wee ones).    On arriving back from the class trip the couriers had dropped a parcel off!  YAY new WOW design team products,  so exciting as I had chosen the colours this time round.  I wanted to play right away.  There was an awesome stamp which was perfect for the idea I had.

 Heres what I did

and a close up  I used the WOW BROCADE STAMP,  WOW CLEAR GLOSS ULTRA HIGH and WOW PRIMARY EBONY embossing powders

I really like how it turned out and I am sure she will to.

19 years ago this was me

and then there was three

moments after her arrival,  with a very proud granddad and dad!  I’m a bit stuffed.  fancy that,  could have helped if she had not decided to be different and come out the wrong way,  but hey we did it.  who knew back then that they would all come breech! She grew a wee bit 

She loved to go for walks,  this day we were heading down to see her dad who was whitebaiting.     

few years went by and  hair started to grow and curl,  I know we pay mega for hair like that,  It was the start of a love hate relationship with her hair,  I loved it, she hated it! 

She has turned into a beautiful young lady whom I am so proud to be called her mum

A loving big sister to 5 other siblings and a friend to many more children who have entered our lives,  treating them all with so much love and kindness.

and as i knew from an early age, her love hate relationship turned into I will fix you with hair straighteners everyday.  Hopefully one day she may like them.  cause those curls are still there and they are stunning.  My baby has grown up and left home.  she is an amazing young lady whom I love dearly. Happy birthday hunny,  and just in advance from when you notice this posting,  be gentle with me.  Those photos are cute.  p.s.  I’m saving the real good ones for your 21st!!!    Happy Birthday Samantha,  we love you

4 thoughts on “A card for my “Baby”

  1. Your daughter is gorgeous, inside as well as outside by the sounds! Don’t they grow up so fast! Lovely post Donna, and beautiful card. Yay for new goodies, and love the look of your stamp.

  2. I felt all happy inside reading your post! I am trying to grow mine up right now…not quite to the straightener stage, but she’s asked for a crimper! Love that card with the pretty little dress!! So lovely!

  3. hello my darlings, and without me, none of this would have happened. see i was put on this earth for a reason. i now know the meaning of life ……lol……happy birthday Sammy, love you, nana..
    Hey Sammy and donna wow ninteen years ,now that is amazing ,love you sammy hope you had one heek of a great birthday love you xxaimee and fyn

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