Challenge Time

It’s that time again over at another freaking scrappy challenge.  But firstly I would like to say thankyou to all the awesome comments we received during our first blog hop!  You are all fantastic!  Thankyou for playing along with us.

The challenge:
March is the month where school children have a spring break in Canada.  Scrap some memories of a spring break (or another school break) that you experienced. We never travelled in our family for school breaks, but I did always enjoy the time outside or reading and just relaxing.
Here is a little blog candy that a random winner from this month’s challenges will receive:
Colorbok Paper Crush Scrap Pack
And here is what I came up with this month.
and some close-ups
Now this picture was not taken by me,  It was taken by a very talented long time family friend, Sean Colman.  Sean goes round New Zealand taking photos of everyday moments,  His photos capture the beauty of New Zealand and when I feel home sick for the Coast I offend find myself looking at his photos.  You can find Sean on Facebook here.  Go say Hello!    And thank you Sean for letting me use this photo.
Right so Why I chose to use this Photo.  When I was growing up I lived in a very small settlement just outside of Lake Brunner call Iveagh Bay.  We never travelled in our school holidays but we did find ourselves down the bay in the warmer months, swimming, exploring the little creeks or bush walking.  In the weekends family friends like the Colmans would come out for BBQ’s and we offend spent all day there into the early hours of the morning in front of the BBQ watching the stars while our parents talked.  lol… drank!
Now when I was younger I did not think this was my paradise….  I thought it was my…..,  well you could only guess.  Growing up in a small place has its disadvantages.  You think as a Teenager that its boring and there is so much more going on out in the big smoke closer to friends.  I look back now and realise just how lucky I was growing up where I did.  I have 6 children and not long ago took them back to the Coast for a holiday with my family.  There has not been one single day since we got that they have not asked can we go back to the Coast,  even the 4 yr old brings it up.   One day,  just maybe one day we might move back  but for now they will have to be happy with going there for holidays.
So instead we will look at the many millions of photos I took.. here’s a peak!
So dig out your photos and get scrappin,  look forward to seeing what you all get up to!   HAPPY SCRAPPIN EVERYONE  🙂  xox Donna

3 thoughts on “Challenge Time

  1. Do you mind if I leave your blog up all day? Those photos, wow! I want to go now! All I see are big lazy snow flakes falling and I’m wishing for spring! Those trees, rocks, water, all very wow!! And I love the fact you framed your layout so you can see it often and it will help with bein’ homesick! Thanks so much for sharing all that!

  2. Thanks Mitta for your lovely comments, You got it one to why I put it in a frame instead of 12 by 12. I love dimension but are finding it hard to display them unless you pay mega for a 12 by 12 frame! Lol you are more than welcome to keep photos up all day. They are only a few. You will be seeing more in my projects in these coming months. Thanks again, you are so sweet!

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