Challenge Time and a blog hop!!!!

Good Evening everyone!  Sorry I have been missing in action,   I have had some technical difficulties but they have been all ironed out!  This month over at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge we are having our normal fortnightly challenges PLUS a blog hop,  so If you have not already been hoping, Start here.  Here is a sneak peek of some of the goodies up for grabs.

You also have extra chances to win if you create for our feb (1st of feb HERE, and this one 15th) challenges.

Now my word is in my last posting,  so go click HERE to collect my word.   Now time for this fornights challenge!

From Anne:

                      February 22nd is Baden Powell Day – Baden Powell was the founder of Boy Scouts, and his sister Agnes was the founder of Girl Guides. Scrap a memory of you in Scouting or Girl Guides (brownies, Sparks, Guides, etc.) or a memory of a group you belonged to when you were a child or teen. You may include a momento or journal a memory of what belonging meant to you.

This was very tricky for me,  I had no idea what to do as I grew up in a very isolated area and we did not have Girl guides or brownies ect.  Our friends all lived miles apart and you had to walk half a day just to get to your closest friends house, or wee settlement.  What I did when I was growing up was swimming at  the  lake, which was just around the corner.  Annoying the be gevies out of my younger siblings or playing music really loud and making up dances to show my family.   Once a month we got a real treat, we would all get dressed up and head to our local communities hall where roller skating was held.   We all loved going and it was lots of fun to catch up with friends out of school.   So this is what I did for my challenge.  Roller Skating.  The other problem I had is that I have very few photos of me growing up,  what we did have got damaged in the Grey Mouth floods.  So I decided to go looking on google for a photo of Roller skates,  I take no credit for the photo I have used.  ( I googled roller skates images and found this one)

Heres What I did

I had lots of fun making the flowers for this,

 And the journalling say “I used to go Roller Skating when I was in my early teens, at the Moana Hall.  It was a great place to get together as we all lived so far apart from each other.  We lived in the rural farming area.  Good TIme :-)”

So grab some photos, some paper and get scrappin,  I can not wait to see what you all do. Happy Scrappin everyone  🙂


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