Gotta LOVE Anne’s Challenges over at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge

Evening all.

Description of challenge:

Just in time for Valentine’s Day next month – your first love – a real boy or girl, try to include a  momento from that time with them, or download an image or something from that era from the internet if you wish. A pop or movie star crush can be substituted for a real live crush if you are too shy to tell us how it really was!!!

Well this months challenge was really hard for me!  You had to Scrap your  first true love!!! (OMG)  I had not scrapped any photos of my ex until now!  It took a while to get my head round it but then I realised that ,  that it was not all bad,  and my two older children would probably really like to know what we were like before they came along.  So I dug out my photos and found one of my favs.  Gotta laugh,  it was us at my first motor bike rally in the early hours of the morning.    The Coast is amazing for rallies, the back drop, the people and of course the all weekend party!

Thanks for coming on over and checking us out,  hope to see you all with your entries at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge.  Happy Srappin everyone!!!

Enough Chatter,  here’s what I did……


One thought on “Gotta LOVE Anne’s Challenges over at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge

  1. I LOVE IT!! The color on the background the whole thing! I can imagine how you felt making the page too, a bit oogie like I did too, kinda like baring you soul a bit to the world! Well, you did a great job! Love it!

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