Super Exciting HAPPY MAIL !


To Candidate: Donna O’Leary

 Hi there,

I would like to thank you for taking the time to submit your entry to the mystery embossing company. I would also like to let you know that YOU have MADE OUR TEAM!!!


 IM not allowed to tell everyone about who it is with yet,  but It wont be long.   I can tell you who else made this awesome Design Team.  Theres is so much talent out there and I am still in a bit of shock that I have been chosen to.

Design members and leads:


*Tricia Wilson–lead

*Gina Lideros–lead

*Jen Deal–lead

*Angel Bartonico–lead (my daughter)

*Erin Payne–lead



Sesil Cratin, Utah

Ilene telll, Delaware

Lara Scott, Utah

Amy Sotolongo, California

Diana McGraw, California

Jeannie DeGruccio, California

Jennifer Matott, New York

Anne Brown, Texas

Sherrie Shuttles, Ohio

Linda Abadie, Virginia

Jamie Cripps, Michigan

Jenifer Cowles, idaho

Tanisha Long, New Jersey

Jan Hennings, Iowa

Patti Hamilton, Georgia

Gini Williams, North Carolina

Tina McDonald, Canada

Donna O’Leary, New Zealand  thats me 🙂

Benedicte Raphalen, France

Amy Prior, Australia

Irit Shalom, Israel

Jennifer Roach, Canada

Erika Taylor, Canada

Iris Uy, Philippines

Katarina Damm-Blomberg, Finland

Birgit Koopsen, Netherlands

 So as you can see I’m totally over the moon.  Well I better go and get some other Dt work finished and Start getting really for the market this weekend.

Attention  Art Journal ladies…  What four main ideas would you like to recap.  We are  going to be working on our cover next week,  so put your thinking caps on  and think of a design that you would like to do.  You have lots of options.  Could you also please contact Elena so I know the numbers.  Remember a few of you are going away so we are combining thursday night ladies with Tuesday night.  So Just one class this time round on Tuesday.  Cant wait to see you all.  Happy Scrappin everyone.

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