Its one of my favourite times of the month, another challenge to share:

This month’s challenge is to scrap about a belief, or philosophy you have – it can be something deep or something silly. It might be a religious or other philosophy, or something as light as your theory on how you can put two socks into the washing machine and only one ever comes back to you. Take this challenge as seriously or not as you would like to!!

Our prize to play for this month is a $25.00 gift certificate from!!

Here’s my take.  I have a bit of a thing at the mow for journals and I thought this would be fun to do on one.  I plan to keep this one and write little moments my children share with me that makes us Laugh.  I have always loved this saying.  In my old house I used to have a huge photo board and along the bottom I had put this saying.  I think I may need to do something similar.  ok shhh Donna.  Time to share.

And lastly just for a giggle,  This is what my hands end up like after a play with ink.  I LOVE IT!!!!

3 thoughts on “New Challenge up At ANOTHER FREAKING SCRAPPY CHALLENGE

  1. OK, you just totally cheered me up. The other day I had to use nail polish remover on my nails and to clarify, I wasn’t for sure whether it was actually nail polish I was removing or modge podge. When I dyed some gauze lately, my nails turned a lovely purple/yellow making my hands look half or mostly dead!!!

    Love your little book, that will be super cool!

    it is a great sentiment!

  2. Thankyou for the comment on my blog. I just thoroughly enjoyed viewing yours and you are super talented! P.S. I did cut all those little squares up and distress each one-crazy I know!

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