Another Awesome Challenge at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge

It’s that time again,  Challenge time at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge….

Anne’s description of challenge:

I’m excited about our newest challenge – scrap your school days – your own school days incorporating three of: a photo of you back in the day, or a momento from those years , perhaps: a song title, lyrics or album cover from that era, your favourite school subject, or a page from one of your texts, diaries or notebooks , a scan or your yearbook – whatever is representative of your school days. Maybe you could include a memory of those days in your blog posting. We’d prefer if you scrap your own school days – as we like to encourage our followers to scrap about themselves to leave a legacy for their family – but you can scrap your children’s school days if you prefer.
I love how being on this design team, it is taking me way out of my comfort zone.  I don’t scrap me and lately I have had to do a few.  Main reason being I don’t have a lot of photos of me.  The only photo I have of me little happened to be of me at Lake Brunner School in 1980,  I think that I would have been six.   It’s a cute pic,  and when you put it next to one of my daughter Jade’s photos, we are a spliting images of each other,  so funny.  I will now believe people when they say my kiddies look like me.  I always see Charlie in them.   
Primary school was my favorite school years.  It is a little school on the West Coast right beside Lake Brunner,  I have lots of wonderful memories from my years there.  Like playing bull rush with the boys on the back field, My teacher Mrs Donavan who I just totally adored.  Cross country around the lake shore,  swimming down at the lake.  The BIG trampoline and playing under the punga trees ( yes tree’s, they were huge).  It’s just a shame that my love for school did not carry on into the later years…  One  down thing about going to a very small country school is tha lack of girls there.  I grew up with boys being my best friends and when it came to intermediate and high school,  I thought girls were pretty scatty and preferred hanging with the boys.  I left school at 15,  but later on, I put myself through correspondence school and did some courses and got a  bit of an education.   
Right,  shhhhh Donna and post what you have created for this challenge….

When I found out we were doing this challenge, I just had to get my hands on the new graphic 45 ABC primer,  ( it’s so yummy),  I was very lucky as a friend was able to get her hands on some for me,  thanks Ann.    I love fussy cutting,  Don’t know what it is about it,  I just do.  I cut out all the images off two bits of paper the same and made 3D images to go on my layout. 

Added glossy accents to some elements on the page, distress stain to the main paper I have written on so it would match the rest of layout.  and built it up from there.

Part of the challenge was to incorporate some momentos from the past.  I loved BadJelly the witch so I made a library book tag for the book.  Behind the tag is the words for Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin which we learnt in our first year at school. 

And lastly a close up of me! I think I was a bit of a cutie,  look at all those little freckles. hehehe

So come on and join us in this fun challenge,  you will be surprised with what you remember.  My children love this layout, They think its pretty cool that I have done one with mum on it.  They are so used to seeing them.  So hunt out those photos,  research on the net and put pen, glue, tape to paper and play.  Can’t wait to see what you all do! Thankyou for coming and checking me out.  Leave a comment and a link and I will come visit you.  Happy Scrappin everyone 🙂  Donna xoxo


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