I’ve been dying to tell everyone this!  I have made Design Team for Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge.  How exciting is that!  If you have not gone and takin a look, please do.  The team is made up of some very talented ladies,  who do the most amazing art!    Great challenges are every fortnight.  Awesome prizes and most importantly lots of fun.  So to all the other Design Team Members, congrats,  I believe we are going to have some freaking good fun!  and A BIG THANKYOU TO ANNE!  thanks for picking me!  Im honored.


2 thoughts on “EXCITING NEWS!!!!!

  1. :-)WOw i have such an amazing mother !! so talented 🙂 i love the one you did with our family its awsome to see us all together on one of ur amazing peaces of art 🙂 and i really like your miss potato head deff made my giggle sooo cute 🙂 u keep showing me all these creations of yours they just keep getting better and better your just amazing 🙂 all of us are soo lucky too have a mum like u bet u:) not many people would be able to grow up and look back on all these moments growing up that u have captured in ur creations:-)

  2. Well done you, your as talented as the rest of the ladies picked, I still need to do the next challenge but will be sure to keep checking it out with such talent like you on the dt…well done 🙂

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