Some Scrappy Challenges and a bit of a play…

Right before you start,  go grab a cuppa…  bit of an over load of photos coming up….. 

Lately I have started doing Challenge me Happy challenges and I am really enjoying having to think outside the square.  For both challenges so far I have really had to think about what I was going to do as the challenges have been different to what I do.   This time round was by far the hardest as it was a colour challenge… AND BRIGHT!!!!   lol, I don’t normally do bright.  After confirming the colours and finding out if I could shade it down or not ( which I could not) Answer was “stay as close to the colours as poss”.      

these are the colours

 So I had some serious thinking,  eeekkkkk  how am I going to do this,  I am so glad I did.  After finding  an awesome photo,  I got a heap of bright bits and bobs and just played for a couple of days,  figuring out what I will  use.   In the end,  it took a night out with some amazing scrappy friends, good conversation,  cheese cake and wine to get me into gear.   This is what I came up with.

Now for some close ups…..

Ok, so here is my light blue,  some yellow and you can see some dak blue brads and inking around the edges.  I used an old (clean) pizza box and distressed it,  added some gesso for a white back ground.

Here you can see some of the glossy accents I have used to high light the letters and wee sayings.   I have  cut out flowers from basic greys out of print range ( Very Yummy) and added them, I also added ink to these to make them the right colours.

Sorry this photo is not that clear,  I have added mini staples,  cut some strips of paper and distressed and coloured.   Added a few flowers and buttons.

Here you can see some of the lettering which I have added glossy accents to,  more strips and the doillie  which I used in the back ground.   I have really enjoyed doing this layout.  It does not follow all the rules ect for design placement and that.  I think  that’s what I really like about it,  it’s all random, colourful and bright….  Just like our Ruby Do!    So thank you Challenge Me Happy  for making me go outside my square,  and making me use bright colours,  I love the finished layout and now my other girls want fun bright ones too!   I was going to show another challenge I have completed but I have to go take one of my girls to the doctors,  So might pop it up later..  Happy scrappin everyone…  P.S   Everyone there is still 3 days left before this challenge ends… so go get scrappy busy!!!!    Happy scrappin  🙂


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