BellyfulNZ coming to Dunedin.


Hi all my friends out in blog land,  do you have some spare time to come and help this awesome cause.  Being a mum of 6 I know that it can be hard to get everything done, especially in the beginning.  There is a wonderful group of people who would love to help, but first we need to build our numbers up and start fund-raising.  So if you think you may want to join, donate or just spread the news, that would be wonderful.

I thought I would share the home page of their web,  please go and check the rest of it out….   

“Providing meals for families with newborn babies, and families who are in crisis.

Bellyful was founded by four mums who have all experienced how difficult it can be to have a new baby in the family. Many mums with new babies find that the most difficult time of the day is dinner time; especially if you have other children that need feeding!

Bellyful have meals that have been previously prepared and frozen and when called upon, one of our mums will hand deliver one of these meals. As we mums know, that meal can be a real sanity saver!

All of the ingredients we use are donated by businesses or people in the local community and meals are provided at no cost to those that receive them.

Bellyful has many branches and is growing constantly. Please check the Bellyful Branches tab on the left to see if there is a Bellyful branch near you. If you would like to be part of a Bellyful in your area please Contact Us.”


3 thoughts on “BellyfulNZ coming to Dunedin.

  1. Awesome Lynne, you have to like there page and then send an email of to them of interest. Spread the word is another good way of helping because we need a group of approx 30 helpers, so the more the merrier 🙂

  2. Hi Midnight scrapper, I see you are doing the creative chemistry 101. I wonder how many other nz’s are as well. I see quite a few Aussies. Cant wait for our first demonstration. Bye for now

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