Stunning Altered Art Create Frames…



Well I don’t know were to start today, but to say THANKYOU  for making my work such an amazing place to be.   To be able to watch you all experiment with mediums, get way out of your comfort zone and enjoy creating is well just bloody fantastic!  This week we have finished our Creative Frame Class,  which was such a pleasure to teach.  We got our fingers inky and sticky (very sticky) and discovered that if you don’t think about it too much,  things just fall into place.  You ladies rox!

  I have fallen in love with all the dress forms that were created, and tonight I plan to make a few of my own.     Here are some photos I took of some of the frames and dress forms,  just love those dress forms.

Some full pics of Frames,   these ladies have done such an amazing job!


If anyone else is interested in doing this class, let Elena Know up at Scrapbook Paradise. Well that’s all I have to share for now,  I am off to pack my bags for tonight,  I’m going to go scrap the night away with some pretty amazingly talented special friends….  Take care and HAPPY SCRAPPIN 🙂


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