Art Journal Class (One)


Well what can I say but,  OMG you ladies are AMAZING,  It is so awesome to see One idea being played round with and made your own.  You truly all are very clever crafty arty ladies.  (Hehe it was so worth the wet feet).  I have added some pictures showing some of the  ideas we had in class,  everyone loved playing round with different colours,  moving embellies round and moving out of their comfort spot.   I even came home and finished the one I had started in class,  which by the way looks nothing like the first one.   I have had the pleasure of some your company for two nights,  with the Create Frame , more pics to be loaded next week when we finish,  But I’m telling you they are looking stunning. 


I think that with all the wet weather, papers  and organising Charlie 50th birthday last weekend, think my body decided to tell me to slow down  and gave me the Frankenstein look on Friday morning with two massive glans popping out the side of my neck…..  NOT A FUN WAY TO SPEND WEEKEND. especially when I was looking forward to work on Saturday.    After being bed ridden for two days,  I am happy to say that the Frankenstein look is slowly going and I am getting back to my normal self.  HEHE even felt good enough to have a bit of a play last night. 


 Today was (is) Mothers Day,  So I was spoilt and got a yummy breakfast made by my family,  yummy (Tomato on Toast) and a nice hot cuppa to start the  day,  followed by an evening with my big kids home,  butter chicken and banoffee pie.  The wee ones made me some lovely cards,  and my big girl brought me a rose and movie vouchers for her and I to go to.  What an awesome idea.   Any way, I know what you are all think.. shhhh Donna


I’m Just the luckiest Mummy in the World,  These are the lovely cards and gifts my children gave me today,  and I will treasure them always.  Well its getting very late here,  so I should really say night night.    I  have some more to share,  so hopefully I will have a few minutes to pop another posting up tomorrow,  so everyone take care  and I will see you all again in blog land very soon 🙂

Please feel free to leave a message,  I love reading your thoughts…



One thought on “Art Journal Class (One)

  1. That class looks like a load of fun…awesome you took the camera and snapped some goodies of the fab ladies. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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