Scrappin the night away with Good Friends

There is nothing better than spending a cool night in front of a roaring fire with a few good scrappin friends.  Last night I had the pleasure of Lynne and Lydia’s company.  We had lots of fun playing with some new toys and discovering a few new techs a long the way.  First up in a box that I found at a garage sale on Saturday for something like $1.  It was an awful pine colour with a pic on top.  But NOT ANYMORE…….

A couple of close-ups…

After the girls went home I had a bit of a clean up   and got Charlies suit ready for Anzac parade which was only a few hours away, ( naughty me) . and then went and got a few hours sleep.  After The Anzac Parade  the kids and I went home and had  hot choc’s  in front of the fire.  The kids went and played  and played and played.  LEaving me in front of the fire with all the stuff I had the night before…. hehehehe.  My children were angels today, I have spent a lovely afternoon scrappin away.  Believe or not but I did some layouts.  Now I have not done any of these for a while,  and they are a bit rough,  but its a start!

Now you will have to forgive the photos,  it got cold and dark really early and no matter how hard I tried I could not get it straight.  This LO is simple and I really love it. 

Another simple LO of the three bigger kiddies,  Taken a wee while ago now.  I have always wanted to scrap these together and this is what I came up with.  SOAR!

and the last one to show you tonight is a bit of a mish mash of ideas that did not really work, but I tought I would share it anyway.  LOve this photo of wee Alex.

Well that’s all I have to share tonight.  I’m going to go feed my angles,  have a bit of tidy up and send the rest of the night playing with a few card ideas… Happy scrappin 🙂


2 thoughts on “Scrappin the night away with Good Friends

  1. The box looks amazing Donna. Thanks for having us..nothing better than the warmth of your fire and company 🙂 Yah for some LO’s…they are awesome babe. I love the one of Alex…and that rain man die is yummy yummy

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