Playing with Awsome 7 Gypsies Papers and Embellies.

Oh what Fun I have been having over the past week,  I have had the 7 gypsies paper and embellies  sitting on my table for a wee while to do my baby ( soon to be 18) a birthday pressy.   I finally did it with a wee bit of help from my good friend Lynne (  thanks for the awesome feedback and advice, and your page, I love it) .  I wanted to make her a diary for her 18th year,  but as I was making it, decided that it was going to be to thick for my binding machine and decided on a month to month photo diary instead,  ( lol,  yes its one short,  It will be added later)  It’s not finished completely, but her birthday came round way to fast!  It’s hard to believe my baby has grown up into this stunning, lovely, amazing young lady.  ( tears rolling in my eyes)  . 

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2 thoughts on “Playing with Awsome 7 Gypsies Papers and Embellies.

    • Thankyou so much for your lovely comment, yes you are right, she did love it. I have some paper left over, So I am going to have to think of another project with it, its to good to go in the box yet 🙂 Happy scrappin

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