Getting into the Christmas Sprit!!!

Last night my friend Lynne and I had a bit of a play with some christmas papers from Work ( Scrapbook Paradise, Dunedin) and this is what I came up with. 

Christmas Paper Bag Album 

I had lots of fun getting my fingers grubby with Distress Inks, Perfect Perils, still deciding if I need to add a bit of Walnut Gold Glimmer Mist… (we will see).  I did not close the ends of the paper pages,  once its been a demo up at work I plan to add some larger tags to add more photos. (p.s, I am still fine tunning and learning my way around this blog,  for some reason the order of the photos is backwards, lol)

Lynne had lots of fun making a Block Christmas Countdown, which is so fab and I intend to make one myself,  hers was stunning as always.

Now on a different note, all you Dunedin people out there,  There is BIG BIG News up at Scrapbook Paradise……..  Yes you may have heard a wee whisper going round….  WE ARE MOVING!!!  Elena and Ian have found us a fab new home,  much bigger, off street parking and so much more.  So pop on up to the shop and Elena can fill you all in on the rest of the exciting news…….

There is also some great classes coming up this week,  Lots of ideas for getting that last lot of christmas cards done,  and Lynne is going to be doing a class or two next week …


One thought on “Getting into the Christmas Sprit!!!

  1. So was your question on how to post the smaller pictures????hehehe done well without me :). Love love love the bag book it rocks! is the site I use…you click on mosiac maker…I pick the 4 squared look and you up load from there…ring if you need help and I will come around…It’sgreat

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