I’m Trying

Hi all, well no-one really as I  am only just begining. I have been trying very hard to get some down time and post a few things up here. But at the moment my house is so full on its not funny. Having six kids is a full-time job and a half. My 2-year-old is being a bit of a challenge at the mow, and can not be left to play as he will get into strife.. like the other day, waking up to electrical smell, I could not find it any where. Then I could not find phone and asked the kids, where is the phone I have to ring 111. And my wee man said “in there mummy” looking up at the microwave…. Well all I can say is that at least now where the smell was coming from….. One microwave and one phone later he is still being a rat bag. I think I am going to go grey way before my time, if I have not already pulled my hair out.

On a brighter note, I have entered Ruby into a photo comp….. will figure out how to put up link later.

On the scrapbook front, I have decided to make Charlie a mini album, using a lot of Tim Holtz yummy product… will keep you updated on that. Also working on Ruby’s birth album, which I have decided to do A4 size for something different, and i am surprised that it is a challenge in it self. well that’s all for now… Hopefully post some photos up to-night on progress. Happy scrapping 🙂


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